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My God

My God is a God of promise,
He doesn’t fail when we think that He will, or even in the times that we want Him too.
He always fulfills His word, and never looks back.

My God is a God of restoration.
Always looking for a place to pour His love, but far too often we refuse that love.
He looks to build the broken up, to restore them to their original structure.
He longs for them to accept this blueprint.

My God is a God of jealousy.
Not the kind that turns your face green, and makes you crazy.
His jealousy is a way to pour out his love.
He loves us jealously — wanting all of our hearts instead of the sliver that we give him.

My God is a God who is for me.
He hates the sin that encompasses me because he knows the destruction that it causes.
He took his son’s life and nailed it to a cross for my sake.
A wretched sinner in the eyes of everyone else, 
but a broken daughter in His.

My God is an always good God.
Because His goodness does not depend on my circumstance.
But depends on the place where He yelled,

“It is finished.”

I decided to create this blog so that I can practice writing. It may come in the form of prayer, journaling, or poetry. I just want to pour out my heart in a place, and that place just happened to be here.