Threnody – Goldmund

I want to lay on our backs and watch the stars until dawn,
Talking about where we come from, and why it took us so long to get to here.


The place of lying our walls and burdens down, because we finally believe that we are loved by the King.
The place where we’re finally okay with not being okay;
the utopia of giving enough grace to ourselves and each other because
this work is not over.

Don’t give up now, precious child,

You just finally began to sing,
To sing the melody that has been trapped in your heart for far too long,
This is a song that can change the people of this world
The people crying for something more,

Darling, you are the more that they are looking for.

Your heart races as you read that sentence once more,
because you cannot even imagine that could be true,
But Christ laid his life down for you, simply so that you could show where you’ve come from,
And more importantly,

How you survived it;

How you decided to grit your teeth, clench your fists, stand up and fight it;
How you finally had the courage to look the devil in the eye and spit those words
one more time,

“You will not win.”

“You do not own me any longer.”
“I may have been stuck in sin, but Christ pulled me back into Him¬†again.”
“Your consistent whispers of my guilt and shame can no longer be the anchor dragging me under, because Christ has overcome your plunder.”
“I will not give you power anymore.”

“You. Will. Not. Win.”

Do you hear that?

Can you hear me scream at the tops of my lungs?
Not because you broke me,

but because I have finally won.

Sweet victory,
I owe it all to Thee.