“If a writer falls in love with you, you can never die.”

I long to be one’s muse. I long to inspire someone to write, compose, sing, paint, draw, or whatever artistic medium they choose.

I long to inspire someone to create.

I’m not so sure why I have such a passion for this, but maybe it’s because I think that’s what true love looks like. A type of love that makes one long to be better than they are. A type of love that pushes them to be who they were created to be. Love that makes someone feel like they are more than what everyone else presumes they are.

Love is about noticing the details. Like the way I like my tea, or the way my lips purse when I’m being made fun of. It’s about noticing how I like the rain because of the way it smells. It’s taking the time to look past what everyone else sees, and exploring to find the true treasures that are hidden within their hearts.

To me, that’s what love looks like. It inspires, challenges, and encourages.

It’s almost like watching a sunset from a new perspective. Looking at it, and realizing that you are smaller than you remember. Looking at it, and taking the challenge to try and create something of the same unmerited beauty.

I think I want to be someone’s muse so that I will completely believe that they love me, not because I feel like they would lie to me, but because I feel like I don’t deserve that kind of love. Since they took the time to search for the innermost parts of me that everyone skims past, then I will know.

They took the time to not only read the story thus far, but to actually run their finger down the seam to make sure that they hold on to every word on that page.Image


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